Case Studies


Global Deployment of CI Methodology

How a pharmaceutical giant reinvigorated its CI efforts through a new leadership methodology.


W3 Operating System Deployment

This US based mining equipment organization increased capacity by 500% in four years while maintaining benchmark worthy quality and customer service.


Pharmaceutical Packaging Leadership Transformation

A focus on leadership resulted in substantial improvements to this clients pharmaceutical packaging site.


Culture Enhancement through Kata Methodology

How a $2 billion Tier 1 complex assembly and sequencing company went from a reactive culture to one that is proactive.


Accelerated Change through Outside Support

This pharmaceutical packaging site injected life back into its CI efforts by refocusing and seeking our expertise.


Understanding and Mapping the Current State for a Powerful Future State

How this client overcame numerous obstacles by understanding its current state and developing a strategic future state.


Rapid Improvement by Focusing on Leadership Development and Culture Transformation

How executive ownership and support is imperative to a successful culture transformation.

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