W3 at a Glance

About Our Group

We work with organizations in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, and manufacturing industries to develop winning systems, competitive business strategies, and cultures of innovation.

For 25 years, we have been globally recognized as a group of coaches, thought leaders, and industry experts in business strategy, continuous improvement, daily management methods, lean management systems and tools, and, most importantly, the people value stream. Our roots are deep in many industries, but our core focus lies within healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and biotech. There are many reasons why organizations choose to partner with us, but the primary three reasons are our Evidence-Based Management Systems (EMS)TM, our SIIP (sustain, improve, innovate, and perform) engagement model, and our IDEAS focus.

Our History

Our group was founded in 1994 with an uncompromising mission of creating a client-centric consulting group focused on providing a W3 (win, Win, WIN) that consists of a win for our clients, a win for our associates, and a win for our shareholders. Through our engagements, the development of our systems, and a few key relationships, we developed into a group that currently operates on four different continents.

Our approach to ensuring successful engagements was radically changed with the introduction of Toyota Kata by Mike Rother in 2009. Before 2009, Bill Costantino (a founding partner of our group) was provided an opportunity to apply the Kata methodology within one of our clients at the time.

This installation of Kata, one of the very first in the world, would prove to enhance our approach to bringing sustainable results to our clients. Since that time, our integrated approach to organizational change, bottom-line results, and company-wide innovation has positively impacted dozens of our clients and, in turn, provided value to millions of end consumers.

Today, we continue to focus on bringing unparalleled service, results, and sustainable outcomes to our clients by focusing on our six simple ideologies, as seen below:

Leadership's role must evolve. It remains a crucial and singular task for senior leadership to consistently set the vision, direction, and concrete challenges for the long-term survival and growth of their organization.

Outstanding performance is achieved when everyone in the organization is precisely aligned and actively working on a daily basis to accomplish these challenges, under the guidance and capable mentorship of their leaders.

The culture of every organization lives within its natural work-groups. Both at the process and corporate levels. To deliver sustainably high performance one must change the way people think and act on a daily basis.

It is vital, in today’s volatile and competitive world, that we tap into the creativity, ingenuity, and adaptability of the entire enterprise.

By enhancing the skills and abilities of every worker to innovate and adapt independently, we can create the optimal organizational performance.

For any change effort to be sustainable, every stakeholder must experience a benefit. Delivering win-Win-WIN (W3) outcomes is paramount.


What Values Drive Our
Engagements & Culture?

win, Win,

All engagements must produce a win for our clients, a win for our associates, and a win for our communities.

Fun &

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

- Steve Jobs


Innovation rarely happens alone. Therefore we derive value from all of our key stakeholders.

Practice What
We Preach

We apply the same routines, systems, and methodologies we use with our clients in our organization.



Our whole business is built on an entrepreneurial model, one where we encourage risk taking, reward out-of-the-box thinking, and continuously innovate.


Our success is found in your success. We genuinely care about the success of our clients, collaborators, and associates.

Grow, Learn, &
Prosper Together

If we cease to grow, we will quickly become obsolete. If we stop learning, we will diminish the value we bring to our stakeholders. If we don't prosper together, there is no win, Win, WIN.

Develop Skills That
Deliver Results

Embedded in our culture is the pursuit of excellence. Therefore, we endlessly look for ways to increase our learning and invest in our teams' development.

Our Clients

We have over three decades of fostering strong client relationships across the world. Much of this success is due to our talented base of associates that come from all walks of life and our unique people-centric engagement framework.

Our clients include many fortune 500 and fortune 100 companies that stretch over 20 different industries.

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